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Shapeshifting Industries and the Inevitability of Evolution

Things change. It’s a natural fact of life. Let’s face it, if everything stayed the same, it’d all get pretty boring very fast. So change is good. However, when it comes to changes in large-scale industries, many companies ignore growing trends and are often left behind. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. For [...]

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5 Ways to Attract the Best Talent to Your Business

You’re Hiring! Or at the very least, you’re thinking about it. Or maybe you’ll be thinking about it soon. If you don’t fall under these categories, I’m not entirely sure why you’re here . . . ? There are many talented people in the world, and chances are the very best person for the position [...]

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Once Upon a Time . . . Brand Building Through Storytelling

When you’re building your brand, regardless of your product or service, there are great advantages to be had by incorporating storytelling into your brand story and marketing strategy. We’re not talking about adding goblins, angry villagers, fairies, or ogres to your brand story (unless you think it’ll make your brand more appealing?) We’re talking about [...]

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Franchising – “Wait Till You Get Your Money Right”

The street appeal of becoming a franchisor is highly tempting, as the successful franchisors you notice appear to have their entrances paved with gold — but as Kanye sang, “to who much is given, much is tested.” Becoming a franchisor is fraught with risk along the path to lucrative rewards. Whether you’re a new or [...]

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Entrepreneurs on Being Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs are the creators of products, services, and brands that help define the world we live in. This month we want to share some positive advice from entrepreneurs who have pioneered the mountains of innovation and created a lasting impression on the world with their work. Furthermore, we look to see where they started, [...]

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Making an Effort in an Effortless World

"Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort." - Theodore Roosevelt In a time when a reality star has become the president of the United States of America, it's good to look back on former presidents and the wisdom they imparted on the world. Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the US and he was [...]

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5 Critical Mistakes Darth Vader Made When Building His Empire and How You Can Avoid Them

It’s that time of year again! No, not Christmas. There’s another Star Wars movie about to be released! So it seems appropriate that we provide you with another article about business growth and management, as it relates to Star Wars. Under the watchful eye of the Emperor, Darth Vader built not one, but two Death [...]

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Social Media, Breathing, and Other Good Ideas

Did you know that 15 years ago there was no social media? It didn't exist. MySpace popped up in 2003 but previous to that, the closest thing to social media was ICQ chat, Yahoo chat, and the various associated chat rooms that went with them, but nothing like the social media sharing abilities that we [...]

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Religious Devotion to Cult Brands . . . Can I Get an ‘Amen’?

Are there some brands you can’t live without? Are you dedicated to a specific brand of car? Do you line up outside the Apple store every time a new iPhone is released? Is your house filled with easily assembled furniture with names like viktigt, hurdal, slahult, and balungen? Do you laugh maniacally when someone suggests [...]

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